2020: The yield of the Santorini vineyard returns to normal

Santorini Wine

This year’s wine production in the island of Santorini reached the annual average, with grapes of exceptional quality, bringing back the smile to vine cultivators’ faces, who last year witnessed their production barely reach 45% of the annual average due to bad weather conditions.
The harvest, showing a slight delay, started on August 4 and evolved into a calendar as shown in the table below. All varieties from all the vineyards were harvested by hand.

Overall, it was a particularly good year, especially in Spring time that is the most crucial for the production. The vines gave us healthy grapes with ripeness of good quality due to the lack of serious diseases.

The 2020 production: Winemaking and estimates

The total production of the year was about 2,500 tons of grapes, reaching the typical average production, while this year also has the prerequisites for producing high-quality wines.
The musts, which are now in the process of completing the fermentation stage, show that once again the result will be excellent. Aromatic bouquet of white flowers, citrus fruits such as lemon, grapefruit and white flesh fruits such as banana, melon, peach and pear. Pronounced flavors on the palate with crisp acidity in combination with the characteristic flinty minerality of Santorini.
The wines are expected to be well structured with full body, great acidity and intense mineral character. The alcohol by volume laying between 13-4.5%, the acidity (depending on the level of maturation) varying from 6-7 gr/lt and pH from 3.0-3.1 ensure that, once again, this year’s Santorini wines have great ageing potential.

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