27 Greek cheeses awarded at World Cheese Awards 2019

World Cheese Awards

A truly global cheese event, the World Cheese Awards has been bringing together cheesemakers, retailers, buyers, consumers and food commentators worldwide for over three decades. This year, the World Cheese Awards visited Italy for the first time, with judging taking place in Bergamo on Friday 18 October 2019, as part of the city’s annual FORME cheese festival.

Following an epic edition of the World Cheese Awards in Bergen, Norway in November 2018, where records were broken across the board with 3,472 cheeses from 41 different countries being judged in a single day, the 32nd edition broke further records with 3,804 cheeses being entered in 2019!

12 Greek cheese companies received significant distinctions in the renowned competition and won a total of 27 awards. Namely, the award-winning Greek cheeses and dairies are the following:

  • Kourellas Says, Organic Anevato PDO, Gold
  • Kourellas Says, Organic Sheep Feta PDO, Silver
  • Kourellas Says, Feta PDO, Bronze
  • Kourellas Says, Organic Barrel Aged Feta PDO, Silver
  • Greek Family Farm, Feta PDO, Gold
  • Greek Family Farm, Goat cheese, Bronze
  • Mystakelli Dairy Products, Greek Feta PDO Mytilini, Bronze
  • Karalis Dairy, Kefalotiri, Bronze
  • Karalis Dairy, Anthotyro, Bronze
  • Thimelis Dairy, Graviera, Bronze
  • Proikas, Aged Kasseri PDO, Silver
  • Proikas, Smoked cheese, Silver
  • Proikas, Kasseri PDO, Silver
  • Doukidis Dairy, Semi-Soft Yellow Cheese, Bronze
  • Steiakakis, Kefalotyri Of Crete, Gold
  • Steiakakis, Graviera, Silver
  • Tyrokomika Ganas, Cheese from sheep’s and goat’s milk, Gold
  • Papadakis Dimitrios “Stamatogiorgis”, Kefalotyri, Silver
  • Papadakis Dimitrios “Stamatogiorgis”, Graviera Aged, Silver
  • Orizontes SA “Bliss Point”, aged savory Graviera, Silver
  • Orizontes SA “Bliss Point”, Cave aged Graviera, Bronze
  • Orizontes SA “Bliss Point”, aged Graviera with 4 peppers, Bronze
  • Orizontes SA “Bliss Point”, aged Graviera with black truffle, Bronze
  • Minerva, Feta PDO, Bronze
  • Roussas Dairy SA, Feta PDO, Bronze
  • Pagonis Sisters & Co, Spread cheese, Bronze
  • Pagonis Sisters & Co, Graviera with thyme, Silver