A distinct onion chutney from Jukeros

Onion Chutney by Jukeros

Although the name on the bottle reads “Apple Tears”, this is in fact an onion chutney. However, when it comes to Greek brand Jukeros, not everything is what it seems —this is not an ordinary onion chutney but an onion chutney with apple and coriander seeds, which give it a somewhat sweet, umami flavor.
Made from fresh, delicious ingredients, Apple Tears, as all Jukeros products, is free from preservatives, artificial coloring and additives. It is also gluten and lactose free and vegan.

About Jukeros

Jukeros by Dimitris Chomatas was founded in December 2015. The company’s main production and distribution unit is located at Kallithea in Athens. The brand specializes in producing and standardizing handmade high quality products with unique flavors and ingredient combinations, free from preservatives or coloring substances.
Chef Dimitris Chomatas has significant experience in the restaurant business and has worked in Greece and abroad. He supervises and directs the production daily, aiming to guarantee high quality standards, while at the same time constantly exploring new, delicious concepts.
Jukeros products can be found in Greece as well as in selected delicatessen points in Germany, Austria and Belgium.