A trio of organic peppers by Eriza

Organic Peppers by Eriza

Eriza, a newly-minted Greek brand, presents three exciting offerings based on organic peppers. Spicy, full of flavor and packed with vitamins, they go with everything from pizza to meat and cheese platters to a favorite sauce and even salads. Plus, they are free of preservatives, colorings, flavorings and other chemicals, making them a safe, healthy not to mention delicious choice.

  • Organic Peloponnese Peppers are notoriously hot and spicy. Use to liven up burgers, antipasti platters or dice them and add to pizzas, marinades and dips.
  • Organic Sliced Jalapeño add great flavor to your favorite Mexican meal, burger or spice up any dish with our hot jalapeno slices. They are low in calories and good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin E and vitamin K.
  • Οrganic Golden Greek Pepperoncini are hand-picked when ripened to perfection and delivered for processing the same day to retain their freshness and nutritional value free of artificial preservatives, additives and colorings. Delicious, crisp and versatile, these peppers are great with kebabs, burgers and cold meats.

The Eriza story

Passionate about the increasing need for a more balanced diet, Eriza was launched in 2019 and has been developing a range of high quality organic farming products. At the same time, the company imports and distributes products from partners who share the same values with them: Eriza is committed to providing products made of carefully selected raw materials and ensuring that they are free of preservatives and chemical processing. They also have a strong commitment to using packaging with respect to the environment.