ABEA introduces a unique EVOO from wild olives


Once upon a time there was a wild olive tree…that everyone ignored. The “old” didn’t want to mix her olives with the rest because it would “sour” the oil. Others “grafted it” in order to tame it and make it give more olives, while others would raze it to plant a young tree in its stead. However, times changed and our misunderstood wild olive tree has found the appreciation it deserves. Nowadays, it has been recognized that EVOO from wild olive trees contains a higher concentration of polyphenols (e.g oleocanthal) compared to conventional EVOO. At Meskla, a mountainous village of the Chania prefecture, with slopes covered in wild olive trees, the fruit is collected and Wild Olive Oil is available in the market, through the cooperation of the agricultural cooperative of Meskla and ABEA, the oldest olive oil industry in Greece. It is a traceable Extra Virgin Olive of limited harvest, called OMAS showcasing itsa highly nutritious character and the biodiversity of the land.