Aegli: Elixir Herbal Tea Defense Booster

Elixir Herbal Tea

Elixir Herbal Tea – Defense Booster is a unique synergy created by 4 selected Greek organic herbs, well known within the Greek tradition and modern pharmacology alike for their high content in vitamins, polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants.

Mountain tea, honeysuckle, dittany, and elderberry are wisely combined, creating a pleasant herbal drink, suitable for strengthening the immune system and mood in everyday life, in winter, but also during times of increased need.

About Aegli Premium Organics

Aegli Premium Organics is a Greek company inspired by the enchanting Greek flora and the inexhaustible global biodiversity. The inspiration for the brand’s name was Aegli (Greek: Αίγλη), the mythical daughter of God of medicine Asclepius, symbol of Splendor, Radiance and Beauty, resulting from good health.

The brand is constantly searching for valuable organic active ingredients from all over the world and its products are formulated to deliver the most effective results without the addition of synthetic substances. The combination of traditional medical knowledge and the power of active organic ingredients is the very essence of Aegli΄s notion of inner and outer organic beauty.

The brand was founded by Greek homeopath, holistic nutritionist, medical doctor Dr Errika Papavenetiou. Her vision was to create effective and clean beauty products in her pursuit to protect the human body and the environment, whilst achieving holistic well-being and promoting essential euphoria. Αegli-Premium Organics products are dermatologically tested, not tested on animals, vegan approved, gluten free and pregnancy approved. The Elixir Herbal Tea is the only edible product of the brand so far.

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