Agris unveils new hydroponics unit, the most advanced in S.E. Europe

hydroponics unit

Production of hydroponic seedlings in perfectly controlled conditions is achieved at the brand new, state-of-the-art greenhouse unit that was recently added to the Agris headquarters in Klidi, Imathia in northern Greece. This is the most technologically advanced unit for the production of hydroponic plants and peat plants in Southeast Europe, providing more control over the growing and shaping conditions of the plants, while ensuring high quality and uniformity for the producer.
Responding to the growing market demands for safe and quality vegetables, Agris, a Greek company, has decided to proceed with this investment, despite the difficult times the world is facing. Using systems that to date are found only in the country leading this technology —the Netherlands— producers are provided with the highest quality and safest products, with a consistently high rate to supply the market.
The production of high quality hydroponic plants is a complex task with many unstable variables. In this new unit, the cultivation of hydroponic plants has: Irrigation and fertilization with Ebb & Flood system to ensure that all seedling cubes receive the same percentage of moisture, as well as the same electrical conductivity and pH, thus achieving high uniformity in plant growth; Underfloor and suspended heating to fully control heating conditions; Complementary lighting to achieve smooth growth of the plant during the winter.