Approval of the Mediterranean Fish Welfare Guide

Mediterranean Fish Welfare Guide

Greece is once again taking the lead in aquaculture best practices, as well as the well-being of fish. Case in point: The pioneering initiative for the drawing up of the Mediterranean Fish Welfare Guide was recently completed with the active support of the Hellenic Aquaculture Producers Organization (H.A.P.O.). The project was carried out by the Biology Department of the University of Crete in conjunction with the HAPO Technical Committee. This specific project was already approved and ratified by the Directorate of Animal Protection of the General Directorate of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food and is now a National Guide in the Aquaculture sector.
From now on, following the codification of the relevant knowledge and methodology offered by the Mediterranean Fish Welfare Guide, HAPO becomes a pioneer and co-creator of best practices, not only in relation to fish farming, but also in the field of animal production. It is also worth noting that this particular guide is part of a larger program implemented by HAPO, with the aim of creating national guides regarding the best practices in each field of operation of the Greek Aquaculture sector, in close collaboration with the scientific and academic community of the country.
Mr Apostolos Touralias, President of HAPO, commented: “Our Organization has always prioritized the sustainability of development and the protection of the environment. Within this framework, the welfare of fish in our units is of paramount importance to us and a central feature of our ethos as an industry. With our initiative to assist the University of Crete in creating a National Fish Welfare Guide, certified by the State, we reaffirm our commitment to produce fish of top-tier quality and high nutritional value, with full respect to their characteristics as living beings.”

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