Arbutus honey by Vovousa Products

Arbutus Honey

Arbutus honey aka honey of the strawberry tree, contains trace elements and vitamins and is one of the most nutritious honeys around. It is a honey rich in aromas, which contains the substance arbutin, which purifies the blood and regulates cholesterol levels. Since it also contains the substance tyranose, it increases the life of body cells. Arbutus honey is suggested as a tonic for delicate constitutions.

About Vovousa Products

Vovousa Products is a newly-minted company based in Ioannina, in the Region of Epirus, north-western Greece, which is active in products of high quality honey varieties (in 820gr and 470gr packs) and other bee derivatives, such as royal jelly, pollen and propolis.
Combining high quality standards with environmental awareness, the company maintains the excellent quality with top tier products approved by the strictest laboratory inspection and testing.
Vovousa products come from areas where there is no human activity, which is easily proven by the results of laboratory testing.