Avramar, a new player in Greek fish farming to invest €25 million in factories

Avramar Fish Farming
Mr. Alex Myers, CEO of Avramar

After a series of lengthy procedures, the unification of four Greek companies in the field of fish farming with the merger of Selonda SA, Nireus Aquaculture, Perseus SA and Andromeda Seafood Group, has come to a close. Henceforth, the name of the new company that has been established is Avramar from the Greek word “avra” meaning aura, breeze, and the Spanish word for sea, “mar”. The new logo, as introduced by the company’s CEO, Mr Alex Myers, is three intertwined fish. In addition, Mr Mayers noted that the first step towards the new era of the company will be to bring together Greek and Spanish fish farming, since the Avramar group maintains a presence in both countries.

€25 million in investments for 2021

The main goal for the newly-minted company will be to ensure farming from fish hatcheries, as well as ensuring competitiveness, quality and modern production techniques. “We have 12 fish hatching stations in Greece and in Spain and we believe they are our secret weapon for an excellent end product,” says Mr Myers. Regarding fish feed, the group produces its own fish feed. It currently owns three fish feed mills, which makes Avramar able to feed its own fish. It worth noting that the acquisition of Perseus SA is a strategic step to this end.

As for fish farming facilities, the group has 71 units in Greece and Spain, where modernization will be implemented with planned investments within 2021, which will amount to approximately €25 million and will put an emphasis on know-how and technology. In Spain, Avramar will create new farms, while in Greece it will increase the size of its existing fish farms.

Plans to bolster processing and packaging plants

With regard to exports, the main markets are America, France, Italy, and Spain. With a view to strengthen international sales, Avramar intends to start investing in packaging units with processing facilities and will launch more value-added products featuring filleted fish and new, easy-to-open packaging, as well as larger sizes of sea bass and sea bream fish.

Avramar group in numbers

  • €400 million in turnover
  • 2,300 employees
  • 71 production units
  • 700 clients all across the world
  • 245 million fry production a year

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