Biodegradable semolina straws from Helios Pasta

Helios biodegradable straws

Who said Greek businesses do not invest in R&D? Rather, the food industry in Greece remains among the country’s most rapidly evolving sectors, while utilizing the latest technology and investing heavily in research to develop innovative ingredients and solutions, to in effect invent new products that go off the beaten track.

Helios Pasta, founded in 1932 and one of the largest past companies in Greece, presents the innovative biodegradable straws “Artesian Pasta Straws®” made entirely of pasta. Namely, the artesian pasta straws, which come on three colors (natural, red and orange) are intended for use in cold drinks, such as iced coffee, juice, milk, soft drinks, water, alcoholic beverages, smoothies, etc.

The philosophy as well as the name of the Artesian Pasta Straws® are inspired by the “artesian aquifer” phenomenon, where pure water gushes through a well-pipe created by nature itself. Such a natural pipe are the biodegradable pasta straws created by Helios Pasta.

It is worth noting that the Artesian Pasta Straws® are produced from semolina and are environmentally friendly as they are composted after use, unlike ordinary paper or plastic straws. They come in a practical eco-friendly paper packaging that can be refastened repeatedly, thus keeping each and every straw, even until the very last one, protected. In addition, the product logo, a white humpback whale, clearly connects the clear seas with the environmental sensitivity of the Helios Pasta company.

The Artesian Pasta Straws®, the novel new product launch by Helios Pasta Industries is a modern, sustainable solution, which perfectly highlights the fact that the company keeps in pace with the times and listens to consumer needs, aiming to reduce the volume of plastics and maintain a clean planet.

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