Black Diamond table olives from E-LA-WON

E-LA-WON Olives

E-LA-WON presents “Black Diamond”, premium natural black table olives of the Kalamata variety, which are grown in various parts of the Peloponnese and are internationally known as “Kalamata olives”. Their reputation on both the Greek and global markets is excellent due to their outstanding organoleptic characteristics: their color, as well as their crisp flesh and amazing flavor.
The olives are sorted by quality and size. The E-LA-WON Premium Olives are extra jumbo, etched by hand one by one. The etching process takes place on the same day of the harvest. The comparative advantage of Black Diamond E-LA-WON Premium Olive is the almost zero salt content, just 0.28%. Black Diamond E-LA-WON Premium Olives stay for 15 minutes in pure apple vinegar to give them a pleasant taste. These high quality and limited edition olives are preserved in the brand’s own Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which has special organoleptic characteristics.