Thursday, September 21, 2023
The perfect “partner” to any food and not only souvlaki, Greek pita bread combines culinary creativity with versatility, and tradition.
Israel is a Mediterranean country with great dynamic in innovation and a continuous flow of tourists towards Greece.
Maybe you’ve heard it already, maybe not. The sure thing is that as time passes, we will all be hearing more of it, since its members, who were just over 10.000 worldwide 8 years ago, are well over 620.000 now and estimated to reach one million next year: Veganuary is here to stay.
Following the previously presented global research that demonstrated the changes in the post-Covid function of the alcohol market, let's take a look at the important trends highlighted by the same research, which, as expected, have been formed, respectively, based on the strong influence of the conditions shaped by the pandemic.
A neighboring country with great potential, but also specificities, concerning its economy and the way things work in the food and beverage sector, and the market in general. Mr Marios Belibassakis, First Counsellor for Economic & Commercial Affairs, Head of Economic & Commercial Affairs Office at the Greek Embassy in Tirana talks to Ambrosia magazine about the economy on the rise, current trends, and the importance of having local partners if ones truly wants to penetrate the Albanian market.
Greek salad is a full meal on its own. Filled with nutritious ingredients, it represents the best and most delicious produce of the Greek land.
The key role of land proximity and the vastly positive image of Greece and Greek products and consumer goods, despite challenges, such as the naming issue, the heavy customs duties on certain categories, but also, the need for interpersonal approach as a plus when doing business with people from a neighboring Balkan country.
Greek Diet is a centuries-old eating lifestyle that offers countless health benefits, and forms the foundation of what is called the Mediterranean Diet.
America may seem as the promised land of all opportunities for companies seeking to export, but things seldom are as they seem. Undoubtedly, it is a lucrative market with great potential, but before this potential is captured, there are specific rules, strict label compliances and marketing requirements that need to be met....
In 2020, the global alcohol market faced more than a serious crisis. It experienced a collapse, a truly unprecedented situation that turned out to be far worse than the depths of the Great Recession of 2008...