Friday, December 2, 2022
Violanta cookies

Violanta reduces use of plastic

In a move that proves Greek businesses are serious about sustainability and the environment, Violanta, one of the leaders in cookie production...
Cretan Avocado

Cretan avocado: Applying for PGI status

The successful production of avocado in Greece during the last few years, seems to have energized the farmers of Crete...
PDO PGI Products

9 Greek products applied for EU quality schemes

Applications to the European Commission to include 9 Greek products on the EU’s list of food products with PDO, PGI or TSG status, have been submitted...
EU Agreement for the protection of bees

Agreement for the protection of bees

A few days ago, on June 28, EU agriculture ministers agreed on the need to set a specific target for the protection of honeybees from pesticides...
Konva SA seafood processing company greekfoodnews

Konva: Aiming at export growth for 2019

Konva SA, one of the largest Greek seafood processing companies, with production capacity of 80 tons of fish a day, is carrying out a €1.5 million investment...

84 Greek F&B companies at PLMA 2019, in Amsterdam

The growing importance of private label for retailers as online shopping becomes more popular was the focus of PLMA’s 2019 “World of Private Label”...
Greek exports to new markets

Greek exports shifting towards new markets

Greek exports are seeing a shift towards new markets, gaining ground with wealthier and more sophisticated consumers and away from weaker, price sensitive buyers...
Greek Exports Forum

7th Greek Exports Forum

The Greek Exports Forum has become an institution which is widely attended and accepted by the exports sector. This year it was organized, for the seventh time...
Region of North Aegean - ELGO Demeter cooperation

A cooperation to support olive-growing, livestock farming and fisheries

The expansion of cooperation between the Region of North Aegean and the organization ELGO-Demeter in three points, was announced a few days ago...
Yolenis Worldwide

Yolenis to open new stores in Boston, the UAE and Hong Kong

2020 seems to be a year of development for Yolenis, which plans to further expand its network outside the Greek borders.