Friday, July 12, 2024
Greek exports to UK

Building on quality and tradition in the UK market

The British market is one of the largest, most cosmopolitan, greatly competitive markets in the world. Being placed in this kind of environment is an accomplishment of its own, let alone standing out.

Dimitra Tzika: “The Aegean Sea is our competitive advantage”

Dimitra Tzika, Exports Manager of KONVA SA talks about adapting to modern consumer needs and how to lead a traditional, centennial food company to the new era.
Bread Factory growth

Bread Factory on a path to growth

The investment plan for the expansion of the Bread Factory brand is in full swing, as the company’s new food hall in the city of Larissa...
Onion Chutney by Jukeros

A distinct onion chutney from Jukeros

Although the name on the bottle reads “Apple Tears”, this is in fact an onion chutney...
Boutari Winery among world top 6

Boutari: Among the 6 best wineries in the world!

Boutari was once again honored with one of the most coveted awards, which places it among the 6 best wineries in the world according to the prestigious US “Wine & Spirits” magazine....