Chimera Sparkling with Kozani saffron

Chimera sparkling with kozani saffron

In ancient Greek mythology, Chimera was the only daughter of Typhon and Echidna. She had the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a snake. Nowadays, the word “Chimera” is a synonym to infinite imagination, passion, and creativity, while it also symbolizes one’s pursuit of what seems unattainable or elusive (“chasing the Chimera”). Based on this theory, Chimera Sparkling opens a new window in the world of taste and wine. Its innovative nature captures the elegance and supremacy of a new, intriguing product, ideal for any occasion and every mood.

This is the first time a private initiative has created a product as unique as Chimera. A sparkling wine that includes the popular Kozani red saffron along with an outstanding grape blend from the Malagouziam Athiri, Chardonnay and Assyrtiko varieties cultivated in the island of Rhodes and other Greek regions.

Grapes are gathered carefully from the vineyards, are pressed and fermented in stainless steel tanks. When the second fermentation is finished after 12 months, the tranfer method is used and the world-famous Krokus Kozanis saffron is added. The final has a complex aroma, seductive tiny bubbles and a strong aftertaste.

Its delicate flavor accompanied with the tingling bubbles and the very special aroma of the precious Greek red saffron, a PDO product from the region of Kozani, Greece, gives the drinker a unique tasting experience. The wine’s aroma is clean with moderate intensity, developing a bouquet of sweet apricot and peach, hints of orange peel, notes of butter and yeast, as well as natural notes of jasmine and saffron with the presence of minerals. Its taste is dry with crisp acidity and creamy texture with a full body and balanced alcohol content. Chimera has a long, complex and spicy aftertaste.