Continuous growth for Karalis dairy industry

continuous growth for Karalis company

A growth of 5.72% was recorded in 2021 for the dairy industry of Karalis, which closed the year with a turnover of €39.11 million. At the same time, total cost of products sold increased by approximately 8% (€33.82 million from €31.32 million in 2020).

Karalis Milk Industry of Epirus, located in Arta, Greece, is one of the biggest exporters in Greek cheese, especially kefalograviera PDO.

The company exports half of its production to countries such as the USA, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, France, Belgium and Sweden. In its portfolio, one can find dairy products of excellent quality, such as sheep milk butter, sheep milk yogurt, and delicious cheeses, such as Feta PDO, Galotyri PDO, Mizithra, Pindos Kaskaval, Goat cheese, etc.