Cooperation memorandum for the certification of honey from Kastoria as PGI

Kastoria honey PGI

A few days ago, on Saturday 22 May, a cooperation memorandum between the Region of Western Macedonia – Regional Unit of Kastoria and the University of Western Macedonia for research entitled “Scientific search for a causal relationship between the qualitative characteristics of honey from Kastoria and its geographical origin”, was signed by the Regional Governor of Western Macedonia, Mr George Kasapidis and the Vice-Rector – Chairman of the Research Committee of the University, Mr Stergios Maropoulos.
The duration of the contract will be two years and its budget amounts to €21,280. Its objective is to scientifically document the existence of a link between an important agricultural product such as the honey from Kastoria and its geographical area of origin. This knowledge is of particular importance and an essential prerequisite for the promotion of the honey’s distinct organoleptic characteristics, its quality assurance not to mention consumer protection. The study of the results will highlight any points of differentiation and uniqueness of the honey from Kastoria compared to other similar products.
The scope of the contract includes the installation of an experimental station, analyses of the physico-chemical characteristics of honey, molecular analyses of pollen for the determination of dietary preferences, and, finally, the aggregate analysis of the results and the evaluation of the possibility to register the honey from Kastoria as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).
The Regional Governor, Mr Kasapidis, stated that “I am certain that our cooperation in this area with the University of Western Macedonia will bring tangible results that will add value to all the Regional Units, starting from the Regional Unit of Kastoria, and to all the products that we, as Regional Authority, have decided to explore the possibility of their certification by taking advantage of the European and Greek institutional framework, starting with honey from Kastoria”.
For his part, the Vice-Regional Governor of Kastoria, Mr Dimitris Savvopoulos stressed the importance of cooperation between the Region of Western Macedonia and the University regarding the possibility of highlighting the uniqueness of honey from Kastoria and its special organoleptic characteristics compared to other similar products and expressed his hope that the research will yield positive results.

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