Creation of a research centre for sheep and goat breeding in Crete

Sheep and goat breeding center

The Region of Crete – Regional Unit of Rethymnon together with the Municipality of Amari and with the assistance of the Institute of Veterinary Research of ELGO-Demeter, following several years of cooperation, is creating a model Research Centre for Goat and Sheep Breeding under the name “Research and Livestock Development Network of the School of Asomaton” or “School of Asomaton”.

The main purpose of the “School of Asomaton”, which is a civil non-profit company, will be to support the Greek islands’ livestock farming as well as the livestock farming of the warm, dry climate areas mainly in the Region of Crete through:
· the utilisation/upgrading of the former Agricultural Research Station of ELGO-Demeter and its operation as a “Model Mediterranean Centre for the Research and Development of Sheep and Goat Farming in warm, dry climate areas” and
· the reopening of the Asomaton Practical Agricultural School.

The center’s main objectives are:

1. the preservation of the genetic material of the Cretan goat and sheep breeds,
2. the implementation of research programs to support the production system of sheep and goat breeding and the processing of its products,
3. the continuous training of livestock farmers in order to ensure the constant dissemination of new technological methods.

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