Dodoni: +5% profit for 2018 and new investments


Dodoni maintained its position as the best selling Feta cheese in the Greek market for 2018 (accounting for 20% of market share), continuing a long tradition and bond of trust with consumers that has remained unshaken throughout the company’s 56-year history. In fact, the company’s turnout was up 5% from the previous year, also due to the high growth performance of yogurt (10%). Additionally, the company invested €2 million in a new production line for the manufacturing of Dodoni Epirotiko Strained Yoghurt, a yogurt of high nutritional value with a rich taste and unique texture made from 100% Greek fresh milk from 60 carefully-selected farms in the Region of Epirus.

Michalis Panagiotakis, Deputy CEO of Dodoni stated that “New Dodoni Epirotiko Strained yoghurt has a higher protein content since it is made exclusively from 100% fresh, top quality milk from the Epirus region. Our aim at Dodoni is to continue to expand our yoghurt line to fully meet the needs of our consumers both in Greece and beyond.”