Dodoni Plant’d: New vegan desserts

Dodoni Plant'd

In recent years, plant based food, and all sorts of alternatives to animal-derived milk and its products (yogurt and cheese) are in high demand, and major food brands have turned their R&D departments into innovation hubs, creating healthy, yet delicious alternatives for vegetarians, vegans, and people who simply avoid animal milk.

Dodoni, one of the biggest Greek dairy brands, responding to the new nutritional trends and needs, recently presented DODONI Plant’d, 100% pure plant-based desserts, made from oats and containing vegan live cultures. The deserts have rich, creamy texture and delicious taste, and you can find them in 3 unique flavors: Natural, Vanilla, Apple-Cinnamon. All three are 100% purely plant based, have no preservatives, no colorings, and are lactose, soya and palm oil free. Last, but not least, the deserts are low-cal, providing 90 – 110 Kcal per 100 gr., depending on the flavor.

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