Drink it, plant it! Organic herbal tea blends by Rhoeco

Rhoeco - organic herbal tea

Rhoeco is a brand name inspired by the Greek words for “flow”, “ecology” and “cooperation”. Rhoeco was created in 2016 in Thessaloniki, Greece by a team of young professionals, ecology enthusiasts and herb lovers, who research, experiment, and analyse in order to provide consumers with high quality products, while supporting the principles of ecology at all stages of production.
In fact, they pick and collect the season’s harvest to the company’s certified facilities where they produce and pack the blends in small batches, by hand, with honesty and integrity.

A new tea concept

Inspired by the ecosystem complexity, Rhoeco created five conceptual organic herbal tea blends, each with different properties. Whole herbal leaves, flowers and fruits, sourced by small scale organic family farms, are meticulously packed by hand in ecological packages. They are naturally caffeine free, without flavours, sweeteners or any other forms of additives.
The five flavors are: AGROS, a combination of lemon verbena, lemon balm, mountain tea, calendula and pennyroyal; FOREST with rosehip, dittany, fennel, sage, mallow, mountain tea, and hyssop; MOUNTAIN, a herbal tea blend with a combination of three different Greek mountain tea species; SEA, a blend of lemon balm, chamomile, tilia, and lavender; and URBAN, a mix of rosehip, rosemary, sage, lemon balm, and thyme.
The perk? All five teas come in a biodegradable pot-like package, which one can reuse after the contents are finished. On the underside of the lid, one will find a seed stick glued with organic herb seeds. Just add soil to the compostable container, embed the seed stick and watch aromatic plants grow. Plant the container in a bigger planter or directly in the garden and everyone can play their part in the environmental protection by reducing waste!

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