Elbisco: New unit in Chalkida is fully productive

ELBISCO - Chalkida - new production unit

Elbisco‘s €20 million investment towards a new rusk-producing factory in Chalkida, around 80km from Athens, is now fully operational. According to company sources, the new production facilities “will open new development paths both in Greece and abroad”.

Production increase triggered by exports

According to the company’s estimates and its recent financial statements, the operation of the new unit was expected to create significant growth prospects while simultaneously increasing rusk production capacity by approximately 40%. Elbisco intends to distribute the additional rusk quantities through exports to the international marketplace, seizing the opportunities of cooperation with large companies and retail chains.
At the same time, the company’s turnover was positive for the year 2019, with the company showing improved profitability in 2019 compared to 2018. It is also worth noting that Elbisco’s performance has continued to spiral upwards in 2018, with the company showing signs of recovery in its financial results.

Elbisco in numbers

50 years market presence
€114.4 million turnover 2018
25 export destinations
2 production plants in Greece
99.5% of products made in Greece
€30 million investment between 2014-2018
1,145 employees in total