EOS Hellenic Fund: Investing in Agrifreda and €15 million capital increase

EOS Hellenic Fund
Mr Apostolos Tamvakakis, EOS Fund

According to market insiders, the EOS Hellenic Renaissance Fund, a private equity fund which provides growth capital to high growth Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in Greece , launched by EOS Capital Partners, has just finalized another investment.
Namely, the EOS Fund headed by Mr Apostolos Tamvakakis, proceeded to acquire a percentage of the shares of Agrifreda, a company based in Pella, northern Greece, and active in frozen products under the brand “Eclecti Sodia”, which includes vegetable offerings such as peas with artichokes, spinach, and fruit such as raspberry, strawberry and fruit mix. Agrifreda’s activities include Drosia bottled water.
As far as the Eos Hellenic Renaissance Fund is concerned, the initial managed capital amounted to €94.28 million, while in October 2019 the final closing was completed with the entry of a foreign institution and thus the total managed funds exceeded €118.5 million.
It should be noted that in September, a €15 million (€14.99 million) increase in share capital took place in Agrifreda.

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