Epiros: New Packaging, 15% less plastic

Epiros Feta Cheese News Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is more than a trending marketing tool. It is also a palpable reality companies need to consider, reassessing the way they work. In many cases, even small changes can lead to considerable impact.

This is the case of Epiros, the Greek leading company in the dairy sector. The company recently replaced the 400 gram packages of feta and white cheeses in brine, limiting the use of plastic.

As part of the sustainability strategy and commitment to reducing the company’s environmental footprint, the new “greener” packaging measures a solid 15% reduction in plastic. At the same time, they have a new optimized shape, which ensures a reduction of discarded brine by 34% and atmospheric pollutants by 3.6%, compared to the previous packaging of the same products, based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study. The new packaging is already available in supermarket refrigerators both in Greece and abroad.

The company’s ESG strategy

The main axes of the ESG strategy that the company has set for the next five years include drastic reduction of waste and plastic use, reduction of carbon emissions and water consumption. According to sources within the company, Epiros SA has now entered a new era whose main concern is the production of top quality and taste cheese products with as little impact on the environment as possible. Having this in mind, the company is moving step by step towards the goal of zero environmental footprint.