EPSA presents a natural refreshment from cannabis

EPSA Cannabis Refreshment

EPSA, one of the leaders in the production of soft drinks in Greece, has just launched a new product. You Cann is a sugar-free, balanced carbonated beverage with industrial hemp and stevia leaf extract, which offers a natural feeling of stimulation. It only has 3 calories per 330ml, while pleasantly combining the natural taste and intense aroma of industrial hemp with a stunning packaging design. It is worth noting that You Cann does not contain the psychoactive substance of the plant (THC) but does have all the beneficial properties of cannabis. You Cann is a new brand with great prospects, in the context of EPSA’s innovation efforts.
Mr Michalis Tsaoutos, General Manager of EPSA states that “You Cann was a result of our company’s desire to create an inspiring, authentic and 100% natural product, designed for all those who take care of themselves and seek to enjoy new, different experiences”.
Products from industrial hemp are a major global trend, distinguished for their unlimited beneficial properties.

EPSA: A story of refreshment

The history of EPSA dates back to 1924, at a time when there was a surplus of lemons in the geographical area of Pelion. Observing a sales increase of traditional lemonade by peddlers, the owners of EPSA set the goal to create a factory that would produce soft drinks. Thus, a German chemical engineer was invited to assist with the production of lemonade. It was then that the EPSA secret recipe was born, which is preserved to this day.
In 1937, EPSA was awarded the “Golden Award for Quality” at the Thessaloniki International Fair. In 1940, the noted glass bottle of EPSA, that was meant to become the landmark of the brand, was designed.
In recent years, next to the classic Orangeade, Lemonade, Lemon Soda and Soda Water, many new products have been added, such as Iced Drinks with Tea in several flavours, Tonic, Sour Cherry Drink, Organic Lemonade and Orangeade, as well as Lemonade, Orangeade and Cola light (with sweetener from the stevia plant).

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