The Greek capital is now home to an innovative hospitality concept: the world’s first ever foodie hotel, offering guests a unique gastronomic experience.

A new, pioneering concept has just opened its doors in the very heart of Athens, Greece, at 23 Mitropoleos street, a stone’s throw away from Syntagma Square. Ergon House, is the brainchild of Ergon Foods, a fast-growing Greek company that offers products from small Greek producers over the last nine or so years both in Greece and internationally –the company currently operates two deli stores-cum-cafés in London, two in Brussels and another one in Larnaca, Cyprus.

A family business created by two brothers from Thessaloniki, Thomas and George Douzis, Ergon is first and foremost a range of fine quality products, under a brand that ensures that traditional Greek produce meets 21st-century standards. Its goal was and still is to promote Greek gastronomy and to become the main global ambassador associated with high-quality, premium, Greek food products, culinary culture, and cuisine.

Ergon House Athens is a boutique hotel and, admittedly, one of the most interesting and innovative hotel projects in the world as it combines an original way in which all areas of hospitality can come together and give guests the ultimate gastronomic experience.

Following the “rooms above the inn” philosophy, Ergon House Athens offers visitors the opportunity to purchase pasta, baked goods, meat, cheese, and other local fresh products at the food market on the ground floor, or dine at the restaurant, as well as spend the night at the hotel, which features 38 rooms in four sizes.

“The innovative aspect of the project lies in the fact that, here, hospitality is part of the food, and not the other way around as it usually happens in hotels. We’ve managed to place a problem-loaded –as far as other hotels are concerned– operation, the restaurant, at the core of our business model. In the case of Ergon House, 80% of our turnover accounts for F&B and only the rest 20% accounts for the hotel. Essentially, the guest frequents the hotel of a restaurant,” explains Thomas Douzis.

The ambitious venture was designed by acclaimed architectural firm Urban Soul Project using local natural materials and traditional crafts, together with references to Greek culture and history. “We wanted Ergon House to project a Greek identity, from its restaurant to the hotel rooms,” states Mr Douzis.

Contemporary, stylish and cozy, Ergon House Athens offers a holistic hospitality experience built on Greek food: not only does it have a restaurant serving creative Greek cuisine, it also boasts communal kitchens, where guests can prepare the fare they’ve purchased downstairs either by themselves or with the help of a chef. Furthermore, there is no in-room dining because the whole Ergon House experience places food center stage. So, while the curated minibar delicatessen should tide you over, the Agora restaurant awaits with some of the best food in town.

Discover the Ergon House Athens hospitality experience