Evoiki Zimi lives the “American Dream”

Evoiki Zimi in the USA

The products of Evoiki Zimi, the family company that started as a small pasta factory in Psachna, Evia in 1984 are now available in the US market as of this year

The big step for Evoiki Zimi took place during the 90’s, when the company decided to expand its activities from the production of traditional pasta to the production of frozen dough products and moved to its privately owned facilities in Kastella, Evia. The company growth forced the transfer of part of the production to new modern facilities in the area of Dokos, Chalkida, in 2004. At the end of the same decade, the company established another production unit in Chania, Crete. The company started exporting its products in 2002 and now its exports account for 45% of its total turnover, which amounts to 10 million Euro. Following the current demand for sustainable development, but also trying to remain close to consumers, this year the company made two important decisions: First, to launch fresh fillo products in new packaging, containing 33% less plastic. Secondly, after two years of research, Evoiki Zimi has come up with three new vegan recipes, which will be made available at the end of 2021.

“We always sought for the best raw materials, even if it meant reduced sales due to high prices. Time has proved that consumers always stay or return to quality, regardless of cost”
Nikos Konstantakis, Financial Director of Evoiki Zimi


New production plant

The company implements a new investment scheme of 4 million Euro in its new privately owned premises in Schimatari, to house both its two existing production units in Kastella, Evia and Dokos, Chalkida. At the same time, it operates 3 branches, in Karditsa, Tripoli and Chania.