Fine Water Summit 2023 for the first time in Greece

Fine Water Summit 2023 for the first time in Greece

In an award ceremony and a delightful Food and Water Pairing experience, the Fine Water Summit 2023, and the Taste & Design Awards were hosted by THEONI Natural Mineral Water for the first time in Greece.

The multi-awarded (in the context of the Taste & Design Awards) Natural Mineral Water THEONI invited the event to Athens this year, hosting the founders of the Fine Waters Academy, Michael Mascha and Martin Riese. On the event, Michael Mascha said: “Water is not just water. It has a place of origin, holds experiences and gives well-being. Water deserves our attention. That’s why the Taste & Design Awards put water at the center of attention, and the team of six judges, professionals, experienced international sommeliers and experts of the FineWaters International Water Tasting Competition selected the best in their category. Among them, Theoni Water which won the Silver Award for its carbonated water and the Gold Award for its fully recyclable packaging.”

The event took place on Wednesday, April 26, at the Vasilainas restaurant (Athens) where, in a Food & Water Pairing dinner, the internationally renowned Water Sommelier, Michael Mascha and Martin Riese guided the attendees on a tasting journey of matching 100 different waters with a selected menu of refined Greek flavors . Each table had its own water sommelier who suggested a different water for each dish in order to highlight the flavors and enhance the enjoyment of the Food & Water Pairing Menu experience.

The event was also attended by Mr. Sakis Rouvas, the Brand Ambassador of THEONI Natural Mineral Water, who stated: “It is always a pleasure to have partners who share the need for sustainability and respect for the environment. What keeps me close to THEONI is the team’s passion for water. A passion that the brand also shares through its commitment to train Water Sommeliers, so that the taste experience and enjoyment of this completely natural and highly important component of our lives is curated by people who know how to highlight it.”

The President and CEO of THEONI, Mr. Dimitris Tselios said: “In Greece, hosting such an event increases the visibility of local brands, thus giving the consumer the information they need to be able to choose the best Greek water, supporting the local economy and minimizing the carbon footprint on the environment.”

About THEONI | The Most Awarded Greek Water in the World

THEONI is the only Greek natural mineral water with over 60 International Quality and Taste Awards. It springs from a natural spring, the Goura Spring at an altitude of 1100 m, in the Agrafa mountain range of the Prefecture of Karditsa. In this pristine environment, far from any kind of human activity, it is bottled directly, straight from the source, without any admixture, burden, or process of any kind, thus preserving unchanged its natural characteristics. THEONI Natural Mineral Water, which stands out for its pH (8), continues its dynamic upward trajectory, both in consumer preferences and in the evaluations of the highest professionals of Taste and Gastronomy.