FOOD EXPO 2021: New dates and under strict safety rules


The current COVID-19 crisis took everyone —trade shows included— by surprise and so far, both in 2020 and in 2021, most trade fairs have been cancelled, postponed and/or moved into the digital space.
There is, however, a light shining at the end of the tunnel, as well as positive signs that the trade show industry will swing back in the months to come. In fact, Greece seems to be one of the first countries to lead the way in reopening exhibitions

Immunization creating favorable circumstances

As Greece seems to be achieving the targets set for COVID-19 immunization, and while the government intends to gradually reopen the market, the right conditions are created for the safe and successful organization of FOOD EXPO on new dates: on 12-15 June 2021.
In accordance with the standards laid down for the protection of everyone’s health, the fair intends to dedicate four whole days to the “Mediterranean food experience”, an indulgence of all the unique and specialty F&B products grown and prepared in Greece as well as beyond.

Trade shows, a valuable business tool

Furthermore, everything that has been happening during the last 12 months has demonstrated that the market really needs trade shows, since they are still the most important forum for commercial deals and cannot be easily substituted by digital actions and events.
In fact, in an attempt to determine the intention of international buyers to participate in a physical trade show, the FOOD EXPO organizers conducted an online survey through the Typeform* survey platform to a significant representative sample of 432 F&B traders from across the globe. The numbers don’t lie: 83.8% of participants stated that they would visit the physical trade show, proving that FOOD EXPO has the full support of the international market. Not to mention that the fair is considered a valuable tool for many companies across the world that need to showcase their products and services to thousands of significant international food traders

A Hosted Buyer program designed for the pandemic

To that end, FOOD EXPO has created a comprehensive Hosted Buyer program for food traders from countries with low disease burden and high immunization rate. It is worth noting that so far 150 major international buyers, who were registered in the Hosted Buyer program of the 2020 exhibition, which was eventually canceled, have changed their tickets and have confirmed their presence in the 2021 trade show. The final objective is to attract at least 650 hosted buyers through a comprehensive and targeted marketing plan, which intends to showcase that FOOD EXPO 2021 is indeed a safe and effective business destination, while their visit will give them the opportunity to keep abreast of all the latest news and products and, most importantly, to hold B2B meetings with the fair’s exhibitors.

More information on the FOOD EXPO Hosted Buyer program.