FOOD EXPO Digital: The online trade show you can trust!

FOOD EXPO Digital - June 2021

The unprecedented disruption to every facet of business activities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic has also upended the way traditional trade shows are organized. As a result, fairs such as FOOD EXPO, the largest F&B trade show in southeast Europe, are rethinking, cancelling or postponing their bricks and mortar presence and moving into the digital space, while trying to offer their exhibitors and trade visitors the benefits they enjoyed before the cataclysmic events of 2020.

Case in point, FOOD EXPO Digital, the online version of FOOD EXPO Greece, which will be held through a custom made interactive online platform (FOOD EXPO Digital Platform) that will operate in place of the physical trade show. Its goal is to bring exhibitors into contact with thousands of Food & Beverage buyers from Greece and abroad, thus giving them the opportunity to promote their products to food traders all across the world. At the same time, F&B buyers will discover a vast range of Greek and international products and services under one single digital “roof” and will have the opportunity to conclude trade agreements directly with businesses of their choice.

To find out more about this innovative, interactive concept, here are the answers to a few FAQ about FOOD EXPO Digital:

When will the digital trade show take place?
It will take place between 14-18 June 2021 and will replace the live trade show this year, which was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation.

How can a company participate as exhibitor in FOOD EXPO Digital and what will it cost them?
Any company interested in participating as exhibitor in the digital trade show can do so through the show’s online platform. The company will subsequently be given the opportunity to upload its profile on the online FOOD EXPO Digital Platform. The participation of a business in the online platform shall be charged €500.

Who is the digital trade show addressed to?
It is exclusively addressed to confirmed Greek and international Food & Beverage traders. As a result, exhibitor profiles will be visible only to buyers registered on the digital platform.

How will buyers be able to access the online platform?
FOOD EXPO will send passwords to access its online platform, free of charge, to confirmed Greek and international buyers at its database. Using their respective password, each buyer will be able to pre-register on the platform and create their profile. Αbout a month and a half before the official launch of the online platform, buyers will be able to schedule their B2B appointments, via video call or online text chat, with exhibitors of their choice.

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