Forty Herbs, the Greek alternative to soft drinks

forty herbs

In the last years, Greek food companies offer interesting and competitive solutions to modern living needs, following the trends, but also creating them. Forty Herbs is a good example of local Greek products use in a contemporary way. It is an organic carbonated herbal tea with a truly unique taste, the perfect alternative to good old-fashioned drinks and refreshments.

Forty Herbs is the revival of the traditional tea recipe of Sarantavotano (saranta is the Greek word for forty, and votano for herb), that is passed down from generation to generation until today in Crete. Inspired by this great old recipe, the brand has created a completely new version with the following nine Greek herbs: Diktamo, Ladania, Marjoram, Mint, Mountain Tea, Nettle, Sage, Fliskouni and Chamomile.

Respecting the timeless wisdom of tradition, the company focuses on preserving the natural characteristics of herbs, the taste of the aroma, and the color without additional preservatives, sugar or sweeteners. Moreover, Forty Herbs, which is a bio product, does not contain pigments, or alcohol, it has no calories, it is gluten free, and a suitable drink for consumers following a Vegan diet.

Recently (November 2022), the brand won the Innovation Award at the Eco Living Scandinavia & the Nordic Organic Food Fair 2022, setting a great start to a promising path.