GoodDrops: Natural goodness in a bottle!

Good Drops Sparkling Water

GoodDrops is a brand new Spring Sparkling Water with authentic Mastic! It combines the refreshing coolness of a premium sparkling water from springs of the Greek mountains with the precious properties of natural Mastic Oil from the island Chios and offers both digestive action and excellent taste.
GoodDrops contains no sugar or sugar substitutes, no artificial flavors and no soda. It is the only Mastic water which contains spring water and 100% natural mastic oil and it is a patented product. It can be classic, with lemon, mint or ginger.

About Artion Greek Foods

Artion Greek Foods is a small family company established in 2012 by people with long experience in the Greek and international food market, producing and trading superior quality Greek traditional products, aiming to promote the “crème de la crème” of Greek production and committed to offer products of unsurpassed quality, craftmanship and design. GoodDrops is the new “wellness drink” brand of the company besides the premium Stories of Greek Origins collection of award winning olive oils, honeys and herbal teas, which has already established an international presence.