Greek fruit exports set new records amid COVID-19

Greek fruit exports

Greek fruit exports are setting new records as consumers worldwide shift to healthier diets amid the coronavirus pandemic and increasingly seek out quality food products from trusted producers.
Exports of Greek oranges, lemons, kiwifruit, cherries, watermelons and strawberries have all seen a rise in the past several months –up between 3% and 85% compared to last year’s already record volumes. Overall, fruit exports are up more than 15% in volume and more than 25% in value, according to the latest official data. Namely, oranges, lemons and kiwi fruit, known for their high vitamin C content, which many medical studies have linked to boosting the immune system, have witnessed particularly strong growth.
Despite a sharp slowdown in international visitors this year, estimates show that foreign demand for Greek fruit has continued to grow through the summer months, including for produce just coming into season. In fact, consumer demand for Greek fruit –but also for other fresh produce– has been growing because of its trusted origin and the quality of its products, with notable increases to destinations like France and Germany.
“The importance of maintaining a healthy diet will be reinforced by the pandemic and with it the consumption of fruit and vegetables. The nutritional value is a significant factor, while the origin and traceability explains the increase in demand,” explains Mr George Polychronakis, Special Adviser to the Greek Association of Export and Distribution of Fruits, Vegetables and Juices, Incofruit Hellas. “Consumers want to know where produce comes from.”
It is worth noting that Greece has been lauded internationally for its quick response to the coronavirus crisis and the low numbers in both COVID-19 cases and deaths.

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