Greek kiwi, apple and strawberry record strong exports

Greek Kiwi Exports

According to the latest data processed by the Greek Association of Export and Distribution of Fruits, Vegetables and Juices, Incofruit Hellas, kiwi fruit exports amounted to 165,982 tons between 1 September 2020 to 2 July 2021, compared to 169,401 tons for the same period of the previous year.

Namely, kiwi fruit exports to Third countries represented 27.9% of trade with 46,262 tons compared to a 30.3% (51,275 tons) for the same period in 2019/20 and a decrease of 5,013 tons due to lack of means of transport and increase in transport costs.

Despite a slight decrease in exported quantities in 2020/21 by -2%, kiwi fruit, for the third consecutive marketing year, set a historic record in terms of value, with the average unit price increased by +16% compared to the 2019/20 which was a record year with €163.5 million and a production of 300 thousand tons (5th in the world).

Booming fruit exports

Apart from kiwi fruit, apple exports continue their upward trend with an estimated export rate of +13.7% (1/10/20-2/7/21) 80,193 tons against 70,528 tons in the previous year.

The end of the strawberry marketing season saw a second consecutive year of record exports –up 30% in volume compared to the previous year.
Apart from strawberries, the export performance in the current marketing year to date for both mandarins and cucumbers has also set an all-time record, as the marketing period for both has effectively ended. Furthermore, in the first semester, tomato exports have been up 20.7%