Green Cola: Expanding its presence in the UAE

Green Cola expanding in UAE

Green Cola is expanding its presence overseas with four products: green cherry, green cola, green lemon and green cola orange. In fact, the Greek company is retailing in the ENOC/EPPCO fuel stations owned by ENOC Group, which has a 69% market share in volume in the Dubai fuel market, with sales up to 3.1 billion liters in 2017. The Arab group has a presence in Dubai, the northern Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Co-operation for the distribution of Green Cola in the UAE concerns the retailing of the above-mentioned products all across the Emirates through the ENOC/EPPCO network.
In the same vein, it is worth pointing out that Green Cola has recently expanded its presence in the Emirates through the region’s Carrefour group stores. Green Cola’s portfolio is distributed through MHK Trading & Ship Chandlers llc, which distributes other Greek products in the Emirates, such as Dimello coffee (Kafea Terra) and offerings by Regina – Kourantidis.
In addition, another major move that boosts the company’s export presence is its recent retailing through Amazon.

About Green Cola

The Green Cola Company started operating in Greece in the late 2011, aiming to deliver a new category of soft drinks based on natural ingredients. Green Cola’s core philosophy, and its main distinguishing feature is the creation of soft drinks that respond fully to the need for a healthy, balanced diet.
To this end, the company launched in 2012 Green Cola, the first cola-style soft drink with stevia, combining a great cola taste with zero calories, no aspartame, no sugar, no artificial sugar substitutes or other health-compromising ingredients, no preservatives, no phosphoric acid, with caffeine form green coffee beans.
Today, Green Cola Hellas is already one of the fastest growing consumer product companies in Greece, having gained second position in the cola soft drinks category with a 10% market share in organized retail. Meanwhile, with its expanding distribution network, Green Cola Bottling International is aiming to become one of the fastest growing and most innovative companies in the international soft drink marketplace.