Helios quick cooking espressi pasta, new packaging

Helios Pasta

A modern look for HELIOS quick cooking espressi pasta, which is becoming more playful thanks to the modern, cool design of the new packages.

HELIOS quick cooking espressi pasta really takes no time to be cooked; just 1.5 minutes for the spaghetti and 4 minutes for the penne rigate; much faster than what it takes to make a salad, a fried egg, to bake a sandwich or to order food delivery. Thanks to their delicate dimension, thickness and shape, the quick cooking pasta HELIOS espressi absorbs the water faster when cooking, resulting in a much faster cooking time. Added value: energy saved, lower cooking budget and an additional step to a green environment and planet.

HELIOS quick cooking espressi pasta is also a great choice for professionals in the HO.RE.CA sectors, as they are given the opportunity to offer their customers delicious pasta freshly cooked in minutes, rather than pre-cooked pasta, resulting in rich taste of their recipes and savings in both energy and budget.