Holive Natural Honey from the Wild Nature

Holive natural honey

During the last decade, many Greek companies invest in the richness of the Greek land and the unquestionably high quality of inland produce, creating truly premium foods in various categories, which are being exported with great success and potential. Holive is a great example of this trend. The company is based in Thessaloniki (Northern Greece), and specializes in Premium Greek Products, such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural Honey from the Wild Nature, Organic Oregano and Handmade Soaps made from 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Three delicious Honey Products

There are two major types of honey: flower honey, produced from the nectar of flowers and the honey that is produced from the juice of pine, fir and other forest plants. The brand has 3 types of honey in its portfolio, each with unsurpassed taste and quality.

  • PineWood Honey: it has a distinct, woody flavor, it is richer than the rest in minerals and proteins and has fewer calories. This type of honey does not crystallize. The pine honey is considered a food with high nutritional value, mainly due to the large number of different substances, metals and minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, etc.) found in high concentrations in Greek pine trees. It is worth noting that 65-70% of all Greek honey production is pine.
  • Polyflower Honey: It is light and fragrant with a particularly intense aroma. Harvested in the rich Peloponnesian Land, this excellent combination of blossom offers rich taste and antioxidant properties.
  • Rare Thyme: The most aromatic honey, extremely pleasant in taste with light glowing amber color, is among the best quality honeys available. It is collected with special care from the Aegean islands and Crete. It crystallizes in 6 to 18 months of production, without affecting its great taste or quality.

Other products of the brand, besides Olive Oil and the aforementioned honeys, include Natural Handmade Soaps made from 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Herb Extracts (one in natural scent and color, and another 7 with Wild Rose, Goat Milk, Chamomile, Lavender, Orange & Cinnamon, Thyme- Nettle-Rosemary-Laurel-Sage, and Donkey Milk), and Organic Oregano, cultivated in the mountainous area of West Macedonia in Greece. The brand’s oregano is cultivated in Biofarming and it is a Certified Organic product by a Certification Body for Organic products.