Honey vinegar “Ermionis” from Bairaktaris Apiary

Honey Vinegar Ermionis

Bairaktaris Apiary, a family-owned business located southwest of Kranidi in the Peloponnese, presents Ermionis vinegar.
Ermionis vinegar from honey is a patent product, exclusively made from Greek herb honey using the fermentation method, without preservatives, artificial colorants or other additives. It is a product with an intense flavor and smell of honey. It can be used ideally with green salads, into meat sauces or wherever one can imagine!

About Bairaktaris Apiary

The family’s bee-keeping occupation began in 1914 and now the company is owned by the fourth generation of apiarists, keeping the tradition alive.
In 2008, the brand name Ermionis was created and since then all honey and herb products have been promoted and distributed under it. The business is an original unit of production and packaging, and their honey is checked for its purity and freshness by an accredited chemistry lab every year.
Bairaktaris Apiary has applied the original food safety system ISO 22000 since the very beginning, and the farm, where the bees grow and reproduce and the herbs are cultivated, has been certified as “an organic farm” by ΔΗΩ institution (the Greek institution for the certification of organic products).