Traditional pie recipes from all over Greece bring a mouthful of the Greek countryside right in your plate. 

Many people believe that pies are the most Greek of all Greek dishes. And they are right. Traditional Greek pies convey a great know-how of the cuisine of each land, usually based on local products and lifestyle: seasonality and sustainability have been in the center of people’s lives long before they became a modern-era trend.
Pies (pites, in Greek, the plural of the word pita -pie) is, essentially, any type of solid ingredient (cheese, vegetables, meat, chicken), wrapped around, or enclosed in one or more layers of dough or puff, spread in a way that, after baking, the dough, which is then called “fyllo”, becomes dry and crispy, like a very dry tree leaf (fyllo means leaf in Greek).
These extremely tasty Greek delights have a long history in Greek cuisine, dating back in the ancient years: akratiston (breakfast), was a bread and wine pie, while “mytlotos” filled with oil, honey and garlic, along with melopites (honey pies) were the most common types of pie.
Today, Greek pies travel around the world to advocate the wisdom of Greek cuisine and the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, with an updated twist, through the best Greek companies in the frozen baked products field, who share with us their latest tasty creation.

A bite of Crete

Pita Anogion (Anogia pie) is our favorite reconciliation dish! An authentic Cretan recipe that brings in unity the savory with the sweet delight – the dough contains feta, honey, and extra virgin olive oil that makes it crispy and delicious- creating an unsurpassed experience that will stand out in the domestic and foreign market. Rodoula creates innovative flavors that stand out for both their high quality and exquisite taste. Our goal is to make sure that the consumer gains a taste experience that highlights the evolution of Greek gastronomic culture.
Poppy Trakada, Marketing Director Rodoula, contact

Homage to Kalamata

Hellenic Bakery just launched on the market a product that has the aroma of Greece. “Kalamatiano” is kneaded with natural yeast, from a traditional stone oven and is mixed with extra virgin Kalamon olive oil and the excellent quality famous black Kalamon olives. It stands out for its taste, aroma, internal structure and crunchy crust. This is a product with which the company honors a special region of Greece, Kalamata, famous for its unique products in taste and quality. “Kalamatiano” is sure to win the hearts of consumers.
Vicky Papadaki,  Exports Manager Hellenic Bakery, contact  

Traditional Greek Country Pies

A popular dish, perennial favorite among modern consumers, which enables a tasty travel in time. The Greek country-style pie is the highlight of every special occasion, with its very thinly rolled-out phyllo dough, making this type of pie stand out. Numerous sheets of crispy phyllo are used as both base and cover of the filling, which consists of raw materials and products coming straight from the Greek Land. Greek products like P.D.O feta, extra virgin olive oil and spinach give a unique taste to the end product. Our company, Arabatzis Hellenic Dough,  produces a wide variety of products in different shapes, sizes, and flavors depending on the preferences of each consumer all over the world.
Sakis Ignatidis,  Exports Director, Arabatzis Hellenic Dough, contact

Northern Greece taste

Alfa, the leading Greek frozen pastry company, inspired by the culinary heritage of Northern Greece, delivers to customers its signature product name “kihi” pie with Spinach & Feta Cheese. Alfa was the first company to introduce “kihi” pie in the frozen pastry category worldwide. “Kihi” Spinach & Feta Cheese Pie stands out in flavor and quality, thanks to its unique shape, crispy filo pastry kneaded with extra olive oil and the finest natural ingredients the Greek land has to offer. Alfa exports its products to more than 35 countries and is constantly investing in expanding its international markets and building on the growing demand for healthier, Mediterranean alternatives to convenience food worldwide.
Chrysovalantis Tzikas, Export Manager Alfa Pastry, contact