Jotis: €10 million investment for infant milk production unit

M. Papathanasiou - Commercial Director of Jotis
M. Papathanasiou - Commercial Director of Jotis

Jotis, one of the leaders in food stuff and baby food in Greece –in fact Jotis was the first company to market standardized infant and baby foods in Greece, in 1930 and it has been innovating ever since– is planning to bring to Greece the production of its infant milk within the next period. According to information, an investment of around €10m is underway, aimed at expanding its plant in Agrinio, Western Greece, and more specifically to create new production lines that will produce infant milk.
It should be noted that at the moment, the company’s specific products are manufactured abroad and then imported to Greece for sale in the local market. With the new investment plan, Jotis will have the ability to manufacture these products in house. It seems that the company is currently in the process of upgrading machinery and adding new production lines to the plant in Agrinio, a project that once finished will help move part of the food company’s production process to it.
The transfer of the brand’s chocolate sector to the same unit has already been completed, with the specific offerings now being produced in Agrinio. It should be noted that the plant in the regional unit of Aetolia-Acarnania started operating in 2006 as the company’s second production arm.