Karalis Dairy: Thoughts to enter the packaged milk and yogurt market

packaged milk and yogurt

Karalis Dairy Industry, one of the leading cheese producers in Greece, brings more than 50 years of artisanship and tradition to the table. Since its launch, Karalis Dairy Industry, which hails from the Region of Epirus, is set in producing traditional cheese products by using only local fresh milk, rennet, and salt, without any additives, and by staying true to authentic recipes handed down from generation to generation. Giving customers pure, traditional and high quality dairy products is a commitment.The company’s goal is to keep investing in innovative packaging and state-of-the-art technologies in order to cater to the ever-increasing consumer need for smaller packs. And, of course, to make all this happen without compromising its core principles, while showing respect to traditional cheese-making.

A possible future in milk and yogurt

This year, and amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the company will improve its financial performance, reaching €40 million in terms of turnover. Regarding the possibility of expanding into other product categories besides cheese, Mr Kostas Karalis, President and CEO of the company, states that there are thoughts about moving into milk production, but the company has not yet settled on a specific decision.
In the yogurt production sector, the Karalis Dairy company produces small quantities of traditional yogurt, without excluding the option of developing further the category in the future too.

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