Medbest SA celebrates its 25th anniversary

Medbest 25 years

Medbest SA has reached an exciting milestone, as the company celebrates 25 years of delivering high quality Greek food products to consumers all over the world.
Medbest was founded in 1996 by Mr Konstantinos Marianos, a Greek entrepreneur who lived and worked in the United States between the mid 80’s and mid 90’s. After a successful career in the food import business, Mr Marianos decided to move back to his homeland to fulfil his dream, to present the unparalleled quality of the Greek agricultural products to the world, while promoting the Greek cuisine and the much-lauded Mediterranean diet.

A successful journey

Reflecting on a quarter of a century in business Mr. Marianos said, “I take great pride in what we have accomplished over the past 25 years. For me, reaching this significant milestone means that our passion and hard work has been appreciated. In this journey, I’ve been very fortunate not only to find precious business partners all over the world, but also a very talented group of colleagues here at home, who have been an inseparable part of our success. I look ahead to the next milestone with pride and joy for what this organization stands for”.
Today, Medbest is among the leading food export companies in Greece and its products travel to more than 30 countries around the world. According to Mr. Marianos the philosophy of the company remains intact since the beginning. “We must always protect and nurture the relationships with our colleagues, our partners, and our clients, through honesty, integrity, and ethos”.

Awarded quality and innovation

Medbest has been awarded for promoting innovation, business ethics and successful entrepreneurship by prestigious International organizations like the “European Business Awards”, the “Greek Export Awards”, the “2020 Growth Awards”, the “2018 Endeavor – OPAP Forward Corporate Responsibility Awards” and more. The Company’s commitment to quality has been recognized by the world’s most trusted International Food Competitions such asITOOC London, MTA, and Great Taste Awards.
Through its commitment to quality, innovation, environmental sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and ethical business practices, Medbest S.A. aims to continue its successful path in the years to come.