Mediterranean Pie: An awarded product!

Brakopoulos Bakery Mediterranean Pie

At Hellenic Bakery, products are tested every day so that superior and consistent taste and quality are ensured. This is how the brand’s Mediterranean Pie came about, which contains some of the most typical ingredients in Greek gastronomy, such as feta and mizithra cheese, olives, peppers and béchamel sauce. Its exceptional flavor, together with the balanced combination of its ingredients inevitably led to its emergence as an award-winning product for the Greek company.
Greek gastronomy is rapidly emerging as a complete example of tasty and healthy cuisine, which through simplicity, the right use of herbs and quality ingredients, has deservedly earned its rightful place on the world map. The Mediterranean Pie, fully embodies the principles of Greek cuisine and as such has won a Superior Taste Award from the International Taste Institute, formerly ITQI, the world leader in the evaluation and certification of consumer food and beverages by industry professionals.

About Hellenic Bakery

Hellenic Bakery SA holds a leading position in the production of frozen dough products. For almost 50 years, Hellenic Bakery SA offers their customers high quality, traditional as well as innovative products, establishing a leading position in their preferences. Nowadays, their products add flavor to the everyday life of millions of people in Greece and abroad who enjoy their top-tier, authentic Greek flavors and nutritional value, while the company’s original as well as traditional recipes, executed to perfection, are gaining even more fans worldwide.
Hellenic Bakery SA produces consistently safe, high quality products with passion and respect towards the consumer.
Following this approach, Hellenic Bakery SA has been certified and implements a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 22000, ISO 14000 and FSSC standards, thus proving that their production operates to the highest safety and hygiene standards, offering their customers top quality services. Hellenic Bakery is a modern, dynamic company that combines the latest technological innovations with traditional recipes to guarantee its partners and their customers unbeatable product quality and high profits.
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