MILKO moving towards a more sustainable future

Milko sustainable bottle

Milko Chocolate Drink, Delta’s (Authenic Greek Dairy) very successful milk-based product is walking the extra mile towards a more sustainable future, by changing radically certain aspects of its production.

Starting with the actual product ingredients, Milko will be using exclusively, 100% cocoa nibs of the finest quality, from farms certified with the international Rainforest Alliance certification.

The aim of this partnership is to ensure the improvement of the lives of cocoa farmers and the overall living conditions of forest communities, promote human rights and adapt to climate change. Rainforest’s Alliance mark magnifies Milko’s motto: “We make a better planet real”.

As expected, the packaging couldn’t but follow, upgrading to recycled plastic bottle (35% rPet bottle), and redesigning the cap. The new cap is non-removable, which means that it cannot be misplaced, ending up in the sea or anywhere else in the environment, and it is fully recycled together with the bottle body.

Last, but certainly not least, Milko is ready to take another step in the direction of the reduction of its environmental footprint, gradually converting all bottles from white PET to transparent PET using recycled plastic (clear r-PET), thus enhancing recycling and the circular economy.