Mills of Crete: Innovative flour from Tritordeum

Tritordeum - Mills of Crete

Mills of Crete, one of the leaders in the flour industry in Greece, investing continuously in the research and development of new, innovative products, has recently introduced a flour made from Tritordeum.
Tritordeum is a Mediterranean cereal that has a delicious sweet flavor with notes of nuts, while also contributing to the environment and the society. In fact, Tritordeum is a robust crop that faces climate change and has a reduced environmental footprint. Additionally, Tritordeum has a unique combination of nutritional properties. That’s thanks to the type of gluten it contains, which makes digestion lighter. Tritordeum also has: More oleic acid, the most important fatty acid in the Mediterranean diet; more antioxidants, such as lutein that is related to eye health; more fibre than wheat, essential for intestinal and cardiovascular health.
Finally, Tritordeum grain is very versatile and serves an infinite number of products, to which it gives its characteristic flavor and unique nutritional properties.