Mitira Lesvos Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mitira Lesvos Organic EVOO

Driven by their passion to share the benefits of the Mediterranean diet with the rest of the world, Mitira Lesvos proudly offers a unique, superior category, organic extra-virgin olive oil, produced from their olive grove in Mytilene, Lesvos.
Mitira Lesvos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil meets the long-standing tradition of Lesvos’ olive oil production, as it is a tribute to the owners’ family who kept the olive grove alive for more than 100 years. Today, continuing their ancestors’ tradition, Mitira Lesvos harvest their trees with the same amount of love and respect they reserve for their land, which reciprocates by offering its best fruit.

A PGI product

Mitira Lesvos premium OEVOO consists of a mix between the Adramitiani and Kolovi olive varieties, both indigenous to the island of Lesvos. Furthermore, the entire production process is carried out in the island Lesvos. As such, the Mitira Lesvos olive oil is officially recognized by the European Union as a product of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

Organic production

The cultivation and processing of the olive oil is completely organic. In order to ensure its low acidity level, premature olives are carefully gathered solely by mechanical vibration, before being pressed via the method of cold-extraction on the same day of collection. Employing the method of cold-extraction allows for the production of a supreme olive oil, as its composition is free from exposure to high temperatures and additive substances, thus preserving the beneficial antioxidants and nutritional elements of the olive oil.

Organoleptic uniqueness

Mitira Lesvos OEVOO has an alluring herbaceous aroma with an exceptionally balanced and lasting sensation on the palate, and a slightly bitter aftertaste due the vast presence of polyphenols. It is an ideal accompaniment for salads and dishes, or can simply be enjoyed on a piece of bread. Specifically, Mitira Lesvos OEVOO relies on 3 basic characteristics for its organoleptic uniqueness:
A bright, golden color due to the low chlorophyll content; light texture, due to a high degree of unsaturated fatty acids; and rich aroma, due to the early harvesting of olives.

Exceptional packaging

The company takes pride in the products’ packaging design, as much as they do in their olive oil itself. The design of the products’ packaging is inspired by the works of Theofilos, a major folk painter of modern Greek art, who was from the island of Lesvos.
The Mitira Lesvos product line consists of: 250ml tin, 500ml glass bottle, and 1L tin