More than 175 Greek products presented with Superior Taste Award

Superior Taste Awards

This year, 2,218 products received the Superior Taste Award, a certification presented to the products that meet or exceed (>70% taste rating) the expectations of renowned chefs and sommeliers, comprising the judge panel of the International Taste Institute.
It is worth noting that the International Taste Institute singles out producers who consistently demonstrate the high quality of their products over time. In 2021, were awarded the following accolades:

29 Crystal Taste Awards, awarded to products that have received 3 stars for 3 consecutive years, and
10 Diamond Taste Awards, awarded to products that have received 3 stars 7 times within a 10-year period.

Greek products wow judges in 2021

Despite the adverse conditions due to the pandemic, Greek Food and Beverage producers confirmed their obsession with taste and proved that not only they can cope with the increased demands of the Institute’s judges, but also exceed them. In fact, more than 175 Greek products received the prestigious Superior Taste Award, a proof of their exceptional taste and quality.
As every year, the awards were dominated by dairy and cheese products and bottled water, followed by meat products (and preparations) and Greek honeys. The Greek producers who received the award are both large companies as well as small family businesses.
According to many Greek exporters, at a time when trade meetings are mainly conducted online, the Superior Taste Award is the one “tool” that helps them prove to international food traders the excellent taste of their products.

Greek products win prestigious awards

Of the 10 Diamond Awards handed out this year, 2 went to Greek companies: Seli Natural Mineral Water by S. Mentekidis SA and Kostilata’s Springs by Kostilata’s Springs SA.
Eric de Spoelberch, CEO of the International Taste Institute, stated that “We are extremely proud that, despite the complex global situation, we have managed to bring together very high-level international chefs and sommeliers for the 2021 evaluations, keeping all the strict health safety measures in place for everyone”.

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