MSC brings Controlled Atmosphere Technology to Greece

MSC Controlled Atmosphere Technology
MSC Oscar (built 2015), 19 224 TEU

MSC, Mediterranean Shipping Company is pleased to be the first and only shipping company to offer Controlled Atmosphere technology for the Greek market. With global sales of fresh fruit and vegetables forecast to grow strongly and Statista projecting that revenue from fresh fruit will exceed US $665bn by 2027, this is great news for Greek producers and exporters!

Controlled Atmosphere technologies extend the shelf life of delicate fruit and vegetables by regulating the concentrations of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, as well as the temperature and humidity of containers during transport. Humidity sensors and controls prevent mould or dehydration, while vent settings ensure fresh air circulation.

MSC knows that bringing precious, perishable goods from farm to destination in perfect condition-while preserving taste, freshness, texture and aroma-requires speed flexibility and temperature control technology. Our Greek customers ship all kind of fruits and vegetables from Piraeus and Thessaloniki, and MSC’s world-leading reefer fleet is equipped with the right technology to keep this precious cargo in perfect condition.

Dimitris Papakonstantinou, Reefer Manager, for MSC Greece, commented: “We have been expanding our reefer fleet for temperature-sensitive cargo and now have one of the newest reefer fleets in the world. Our aim is to connect Greek growers and exporters with the flourishing global fresh fruit and vegetable market, and provide their consumers with the fresh, tasty and visually appealing fruit they demand.

As part of this, we are pleased to be able to offer our Controlled Atmosphere solutions in Greece. Our customers can count on us to provide the right equipment, as well as receiving support from MSC’s dedicated team of over 1,000 reefer experts across the world, available 24/7, who are continuously trained to meet the growing reefer market demand. As a result, we ensure our customer’s cargo is in safe hands at every stage of its journey-enabling us to deliver global solutions for producers.”

MSC’s expert teams are trained to deliver flexible and cost-effective door-to-door transport solutions across its worldwide sea and inland network. With a modern, efficient fleet operating on over 260 trade routes and with 520 ports of call, MSC is committed to transporting quality food around the world, reducing food loss, and improving market access for producers. For more information about MSC’s refrigerated cargo solutions, visit the company’s dedicated webpage. To find out more about the Controlled Atmosphere Technology, contact the MSC Greece team.