New Kings Soft Cookie with coconut and white chocolate

Allatini - Soft Kings

For decades, the Allatini brand has been offering top quality products made with love and care. Based on these principles, the new Allatini Kings Soft Cookie with Coconut and White Chocolate Chunks, part of the “Allatini in Passion” range, are here to completely change the way we perceive cookies, by offering an impeccable combination of soft texture with irresistible coconut flavor and rich white chocolate chunks. Allatini Kings Soft Cookies are available in three additional delicious flavors:

  • Chocolate chunks
  • Dark chocolate chunks
  • Triple chocolate chunks

The “Allatini in Passion” product range is based on unique flavor combinations made out of fine ingredients offered in individual portions that do not exceed 250 calories, thus offering at the same time exceptional flavor with limited calories.
Allatini consciously chooses to embrace Goodness, one of its perennial values, which sits at the core of the contemporary balanced diet. Goodness stands for quality and high nutritional value. It stands for products that combine deliciousness with balance. It reflects recipes full of flavor and aromas. It stands for virtue, righteousness, responsibility and, above all, respect to consumers.